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Tuesday, December 27, 2011

TUM 2012 Comeback

Salam & hello beautiful sisters :) Oh Lord how long has it been? Hope you're all in the best of health and highest spirit today. I know it's been like a year or so since my hiatus. Last time I updated something, I was months away from being a wife, then I got married and the rest is history (no we don't have a kid yet, but insyaAllah we're on our way there, please pray for us. Thank you!).

Anyway, I have decided to get back in the game as we're entering the new year. So please stay tuned as TUM will undergo some heavy maintenance to prepare for its comeback in 2012. Check out this space regularly for more gorgeous collection okay?

I thank you deeply for your continuous support for the last 3 years and I sure hope to serve all of you again next year and as long as TUM shall survive, insyaAllah.

Take care darlings! Be back soon :)

Rubina TUM

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